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I have a good work/life balance
I have more time than I need to get things done
I'm drawing a salary that more than meets my financial needs
Employees are qualified and well trained for thier respective functions
Employees are qualified to meet the future needs of the company
Employees consider their jobs rewarding and interesting
There is a formal organization chart with job descriptions and responsibilities
We have written policies, procedures, and employee manuals
We have low employee turnover
We have honest communication that empowers people
Deadlines are taken seriously by all employees
We have trained employees to function effectively as a team
We are a highly efficient and functional team
We have clear vision and mission statements understood by all employees
We have a formal business plan that defines our strategic objectives
The company is moving in a well-defined direction
Owners have a clearly defined exit strategy
We offer products / services that are competitive in our market
We are constantly developing new products and services
We are constantly improving existing services and products
Our products and services can be easily differentiated from competition
I am satisfied with the level of sales
We have a well defined sales process
We consistently track sales activity and performance
We have a clearly defined market
We have a written marketing plan
We track every lead and know the marketing source for the lead
All business processes are documented in an operations manual
Employees are held accountable to follow written processes
We strive for efficiency and simplicity
I review monthly fianancial statements within 10 days of the close of prior month
The business produces positive cash flow
We have an adequate line of credit
We have controls in place to prevent fraud, theft, and embezzlement
The business runs equally well if I'm at work or on vacation

    Your Score

If Your Score Is It means...
121-140 You apparantly have a successful and well-run business. But you may be bored and needing to find new opportunities and challenges in or outside this business.
101-120 With greater attention to detail your business has real potential.
70-100 You have some major issues that may be holding your business back.
less than 70 Many issues in your business need to be addressed. You need immediate help to succeed and survive.


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